From T.LOBSANG RAMPA's book:

"you forever" part II



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From T.LOBSANG RAMPA's book:"You - Forever" - part 2

a guide to understand the psychic world and to develop parapsychic abilities.

(and notice that this was written so long before all

the new - age litterature of today was published. Rampa did not "look to others" when he wrote these books - such books was totally shortage in the western world then - nearly half a century ago)

In the 12th lesson he describes the necessity of total relax in the body if these higher spiritual forces shall begin to work and he also touches the strong forces building up in groupmeditation. Sitting in a circle but without physical contact between the participants - and nobody to talk - just silence. He underlines the necessity in silence in such gatherings. Inside one can think (or may yet say together) - BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD - BE STILL AND KNOW THE I WITHIN.

In the next lesson he comes into why we have to come to this heavy life on earth:



Who has not - at some time or other, wondered "What is the purpose of life on Earth? Is it really necessary to have so much suffering, so much hardship?" Actually, of course, it is necessary that there should be suffering and hardship and wars. We place too much store upon the things of this Earth, we tend to think that here is nothing so important as life on Earth. Actually, upon Earth we are merely as actors upon a stage, changing our clothes to suit the role that we have to play, and at the end of each act retiring for a while, to return to the next act perhaps in different garb.

Wars are necessary. Without wars the world would soon be overpopulated. Wars are necessary in order that there may be opportunities for self - sacrifice and for Man to rise above the limits of the flesh in the service of others. We look upon life as it is lived on this world as the only thing that matters. Actually it is the thing that matters least.

When we are in the spirit we are indestructible. We are immune from hardships and from illnesses. Thus, the spirit which has to gain experience, motivates a body of flesh and bone - a body which is but a lump of animated protoplasm - in order that lessons may be learned. Upon Earth the body is as a puppet, jerking and twitching to the orders of the Overself who, through the Silver Cord, commands and receives messages.

Let us look at things in a rather different way for a moment, shall we? A person who comes to Earth for perhaps the first time is a helpless creature, something like a baby, and he is not able to make any plans for himself. Thus, plans have to be made for him by other people. We are not concerned with those who are unevolved, for if you are studying this Course it shows that you have reached a stage of evolution in which you are able to plan more or less that which you have to learn. Let us look upon the scene before one comes to Earth.

A person - an entity - has returned to the Overself in the astral planes - has returned from one life on Earth. The entity will have seen all the mistakes, all the faults of that life, and will have decided, perhaps alone, perhaps in company with others, that certain lessons were not learned and will have to be undertaken again. So plans are made whereby the entity will go down into a body once more. A search is made for parents who will afford the necessary facilities for the type of environment which is now required. That is, if a person has to be accustomed to handling money - he will be born to rich parents, or if a person has to rise from "the gutter" (rennestenen) - he will be born to parents in very poor circumstances indeed. He may even have to be born crippled or blind, it all depends on what has to be learned.

A human on Earth is as a child in a classroom. Think of it in terms of classrooms. A child is in a classroom with a lot of other children. For some reason this particular child does not do so well, does not master the lessons, and so at the end of the term he makes a Very poor showing at the examinations. The teachers decide that on the basis of his general attitude and grades during the term, and the general mess (uorden) that he has made of the examination itself, he is not fit, not ready to be promoted to a higher grade. Thus, the child goes off on the school vacation at the end of term with the unhappy knowledge that when school starts again he is going to have to come back to the same old class!

With the resumption of school activities, the child who was not promoted (forfremmet) goes back to learn all the same lessons, to have another chance. But those who studied more assiduously (flittig) - go on and reach a higher grade, and perhaps are treated with more consideration by the teachers, because these children are ones who have tried, who have mastered their lessons and who have progressed. The one who was left behind feels self - conscious with the new members of the class, he tends to lord (spille herre/tyranisere) it over them for the time being, to show that although he did not pass into a higher grade, it was because he did not want to. If at the end of this term the boy does not show signs of progress, then it, may be that the teachers will hold a conference, and they may even decide that the boy is of an inferior (lavere) mentality and recommend that he be moved to a different type of school.

If children at school are doing well and progressing satisfactorily through their studies there will come a time when they have to decide what they are going to be in later life. Are they going to be doctors, lawyers, carpenters or bus drivers? Whatever it is, they will have to undergo the necessary studies. A doctor to be - will need to study different things than would a bus driver - to - be, and in consultation with teachers the necessary studies are arranged.

So it is in the spirit world; before a human is born, several months before he is born, in fact, somewhere in the world of sprit there is a conference. The one who is going to enter into a human body discusses with advisors how certain lessons may be learned in much the same way as a student upon Earth will discuss how he may study to obtain his desired qualifications. The spirit advisors are able to say that the student about to enter into the school of the world shall become a son or daughter of a certain married couple, or even of an unmarried couple! There will be a discussion as to what has to be learned and what hardships have to be undergone, for it is a sad fact that hardship teaches one more quickly and more permanently than does kindness. It is also worthy of note that it does not at all mean that because a person is at present in a lowly position that that person is lowly in the spirit world. Often a person will be in a menial (tjener) position in a certain life - in order that specified lessons may be learned, yet in the life to be - the person may be a high entity indeed.

It is unfortunate that upon Earth a person is judged by the amount of money he has, by what his parents were, and this, of course, is tragically absurd. It is much the same as judging a school boy, or his progress, by how much money his father has - instead of judging the boy by his own progress. We repeat that no one has so far succeeded in taking even one single penny beyond the barrier of death, but all knowledge is taken, every experience undergone is stored and taken away into the life beyond. Thus, those who think that because they have a million or so they are going to get a front seat in heaven, are going to be sadly and unpleasantly mistaken. Money, position, race and colour do not matter in the slightest; the only thing that matters is the degree of spirituality which one has reached!

To return to our spirit is about to enter into another incarnation; when suitable parents have been found, then, at the appropriate time, the spirit will enter into the forming body of the unborn infant, and with the entering in to the body there will become an instant erasure (utvisking) of the conscious memories of the life beyond such entering. It would of course be a terrible thing if the baby had a memory of when he was, perhaps, very closely, very intimately related to his mother or his father! It would be tragic and painful if the baby could remember that in the past life he was a great king, and now he was the poorest of the poor. For that reason, among many others, it is an act of mercy that the average person cannot remember his or her past life, but when they once again pass through this life and return to the spirit world - everything - Everything - is remembered.

Many people adhere most rigidly (henger steil fast ved..) to the old statement "Honour thy father and thy mother." While this is indeed a most laudable (prisverdig) feeling, it should be made clear that many many people upon Earth will never again see their father or their mother when they enter into the spirit world! In the old days it was very necessary that the priests do everything possible to gain the co-operation of parents in order that young men and young women did not leave the tribes, because the wealth of tribes in those days rested in the young people. The more numerous the tribe - the more easily could they overcome small tribes. Thus it was that the priests exhorted children to obey the parents, and the parents in particular obeyed the priests.

Let us state quite definitely that we do indeed agree that parents should be "honoured" provided they merit (fortjener) it. We also state that if a parent is overbearing or unkind or tyrannical, then that parent has rejected and spurned all rights to be "honoured". There is no need whatever for the slavish obedience, which some "children" give to their parents. Some "children" are adult and married, and have perhaps lived half a century on their own, yet they still tremble with fear or apprehension when the name of a parent is mentioned. Frequently it leads to a neurosis, and instead of commanding love, there is perhaps fear and ill - concealed hatred. Yet these "children" - perhaps half a century or more of age - feel guilt because they have been brought up to the belief "Honour thy father and thy mother."

For those so afflicted (rammet) - we would like to say again quite definitely, quite emphatically, that if you are unhappy with your parents, you will never see them again in the spirit world. In the spirit world there is the Law of Harrnony, and it is utterly impossible for you to meet anyone with whom you are incompatible (passer sammen). Thus, if you are married to a partner and yours is a marriage of convenience (bekvemlighet), a marriage which you are afraid to break for fear of what the neighbours will say, you will never again meet your partner in the spirit world unless he or she alters so radically (or if YOU, alter!) that you are both compatible.

We must again repeat, so that there is no possibility of misunderstanding: - if you and your parents are incompatible, if you do not get on, if you are not happy together, if you are not suited to each other, then you will not meet on any other plane of existence. The same applied to relatives, or husband and wife. They must definitely be compatible and in complete harmony before they can meet again. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary for spirits to have a physical body, that lessons may be learned, because only in the physical body can two antagonistic (fientlige) entities be brought into contact so that they may try to "smooth off the rough edges" and reach mutual (gjensidig) understanding.

Later, in another Lesson, we shall deal with the problems of God or Gods, and of different forms of religious belief. Humans mistakenly think that they are of the greatest form of existence. That is quite incorrect, and again it is an idea fostered by organised religions. Religious thought - teaches one that Man is made in the image of God, therefore, if Man is made in the image of God, there can be nothing higher than Man! Actually, on other worlds there are some very very high forms of life. God is not a benevolent old gentleman who peers at us kindly through the pages of some book. God is a very real thing, a living Spirit who guides us all, but not necessarily in the way that we have been taught.

Finally in this Lesson think over your own relationship with your parents, or with your partner, or with your relations. Are you happy with them? Are you, really? Or are you living apart? Could you contemplate living with any of these people permanently throughout the rest of existence? Remember when you were at school, there were a number of people in the class with you, there were teachers. You had to pay respect to the teachers, but they are no permanently associated with your life, they were temporary measures, people appointed to supervise your education. Your parents also are people whom you have chosen - with their permission in the spirit world - to sponsor and supervise your development. If people sincerely love their parents, and not because some religious teaching tells them they should, then they will indeed have the greatest joy of all in knowing that they will definitely meet their parents on "the other side." Conditions on the other side will be what you here on Earth make them.



All of us are anxious to get things done for us, to get things given to us. Probably everyone would admit to having prayed for assistance! It is, of course, a natural thing in human affairs to want the assistance of someone else. Man feels insecure alone and wants the "God - Father" image or the "Mother" image in order that he may feel protected, may feel that he is one of a great Family. But in order that one may receive, one must first give. You cannot receive without giving, for the act of giving - the attitude of opening the mind - makes it possible for you to be receptive to those who are willing to give what you want to receive!

When we say "give" we do not necessarily mean money, although it is usual to give money, because that to most people is what they desire above all else. Money at the present time signifies security from want, relief from the fear of starvation, freedom from the visits of the debt collector! Money can be given, and must be given under certain conditions, but "give" also means to give of oneself, to be willing to be of service to others. We can, and must, give money or goods or assistance or spiritual consolation to those who need them. Again, unless we give - we cannot receive.

There is much misconception about "give," "aims," "begging," and similar matters relating to so - called "charity" in the Western world. It seems that people imagine that there is something shameful, something degrading in having to solicit (be om) assistance from another one. But this is definitely not the case. Money is merely a commodity which is lent to us while upon the Earth, it is a commodity with which we can buy happiness and self - advancement by helping others with that money - instead of hoarding (hamstre) it uselessly in some dead stone vault.(hvelv)

This, unfortunately, is the world of commerce where a mans measure is taken by the money that he has in his bank and by the outward show he makes with that money. The flashily dressed man or the woman who gives for his own satisfaction - to build up a false facade - is not a spiritual man nor a generous man, he is a man who is spending without any thought of giving, he is spending selvishly that his own ego may be bolstered… (end of extract of this chapter - which also tells how the people of the east learn to GIVE and SERVE - but not through money - which they dont have..)


In lesson 15 he again talk about the meaning of believing or understanding the higher realities - also through religions - and underline the importance of mastering fear - which is an old heritage from religions long past.

…any parent will agree that it is much easier to control children by kindness than by constant threats. Those parents who keep threatening to call in a policeman or the bogeyman or to sell their children, are the ones who cause a neurosis in the child and, later, in the race. But those parents who can control by firmness and kindness, and have their children living in joy, they are the ones who produce good citizens. We wholeheartedly subscribe to the view that one must have kindness and discipline; discipline should never mean harshness or sadism.

Again, let us rejoice in religion, let us be the "children" of the "parents" who teach with love, with compassion, and with understanding. Let us do away with all the falseness, all the baseness of terror and punishment and eternal damnation. There is no such thing as "eternal damnation," no one is ever discarded (vraket), there is no such thing as a person being banished from the Spirit World! Every single person can be saved - no matter how bad he or she has been; no one has to be rejected. The Akashic Record, with which we shall deal later, tells us that if a person is so terribly terribly bad that nothing can be done with him for the moment - he is merely delayed in his evolution, and is later given another chance to come along with "another round of existence" - in much the same way as a child who played about in class, and could not pass the end of term examinations, does not move up to a higher grade with his fellows, but is kept back to study the curriculum (leseplan) all over again.

One would not say that a child is toasted over a slow fire or tossed to hungry devils for mastication - because he skipped some of his lesson work or played truant (skulket) a few times. The teachers as - signed to him - might talk to him rather more firmly than he liked, but apart from that, no harm would come to him, and if he were expelled from that particular school, he would soon have to enter another, or be in trouble with the truant officer! So with the humans on Earth. If you mess up this chance, don't be too disheartened, you will always get another. God is not sadistic, God is not out to destroy us but to help us. We do God a grave disservice when we think that He is always on the lookout to tear us to pieces or toss us to the waiting devils. If we believe in God let us believe in mercy (barmhjertighet), because in believing in mercy we shall have mercy, but let us also show mercy to others!

While we are on this subject let us turn over another box, one which has been collecting a lot of dust because no one in the past, seems to have been interested in this particular package. Turn it over and see what it says.

According to the Akashic Record the Jewish people are a race who, in a previous existence, could not make progress at all. They did all the things that they should not have done, and they left undone the things that they should have done. They gave themselves up to all the pleasures of the flesh, they became excessively fond of food, fat oily food - so that their bodies became cloyed (overmette) and clogged, and their spirits were not able to soar into the astral by nights, but were instead bound by their gross fleshly envelopes. These people whom we now call "Jews" were not destroyed nor subjected to eternal damnation. Instead they were set off on a fresh round of existence in much the same way as children who play about in class may even be expelled from that school for unruly behaviour, and they may set off to a fresh school and start off in a different class. So for the Jews. In the present round of existence (which is some 72-thousand years of devleopment? R.Ø.anm.) are people who are in a round for the first time, and when they come in contact with the Jews they are puzzled, confused, and afraid. They do not understand what is different about a Jew, they sense that something is different, they sense that a Jew has some knowledge which appears to be not of the Earth, and so the man and woman in a round for the first time wonders and fears, and what a person fears that they persecute (forfølger). Thus it is that the Jews, being an old old race, are persecuted because they are having to work their way through a round once again. Some people envy the Jews their knowledge, their endurance, and again, those things which are envied - one tends to destroy. But we are not dealing with Jews or Gentiles (ikke-jøder), we are dealing with joy in religion; joy, pleasure, makes you learn a thing which you would not learn through terror. There are - we cannot repeat it too often ! - no such things as eternal torments (pine), there are no such things as fires which are going to singe (svi) your skin off and make you feel awfully hot about the whole affair. Examine your thinking, examine that which you have been taught and think how much more reasonable it is that you should have joy and love in your religious belief. You are not

responsible for a sadistic father who is going to beat you up or send you into perpetual darkness. Instead you are dealing with Great Spirits who have gone through all this - long long before humans were ever thought of; they have been through it all, they know the answers, they know the troubles and they have compassion. So - from our attic (loft-) treasure we say "Rejoice (gled deg..) in religion," smile about your religion, have a warm feeling about your God - no matter what you call Him, for "He" (which also includes your HIGHER - OR REAL - SELF) is ever ready to send down healing waves to you, if only you will get this terror, this fright, out of your system.

But now it is time for us to leave this attic of ours and to go down the stairs again, those old creaking stairs. But soon - in the next Lesson - we shall ask you to rejoin us in the "attic" once again, for, looking about, we see there are quite a number of little items lying on the floor or on the shelves around - which will be of interest and; we hope, profit. May we see you in the attic in the next Lesson?



So we meet again in our attic! We have cleaned up the place a bit and discovered a few fresh items. Some of them will perhaps shine a little ray of light onto a doubt, which you have had for some time. Look at this for a start: here is a letter, which we received some time ago. It says - shall I read it to you?

"You write much about fear, you say that there is nothing to be afraid of except fear. In your answer to my question you told me that it was fear that was keeping me back, preventing me from progressing. I am not conscious of fear, I do not feel afraid, so what can the matter be?"

Yes, that is quite an interesting problem! Fear - fear is the only thing that can hold one back. Shall we have a look at it? Sit down a moment, let us discuss this problem of fear.

All of us have certain fears. Some people are afraid of the dark, others are afraid of spiders or of snakes, and some of us may be aware of our fears, that is, we have fears which are in our consciousness. But - wait a moment! - our consciousness is only a tenth of us, nine tenths of us are sub - conscious, so what happens if the fear is in our sub - conscious?

Often we will do things under some hidden compulsion (tvang), or we will refrain from doing something - because of a hidden compulsion. We do not know why we do a certain thing, we do not know why we cannot do a certain thing. There is nothing on the surface, there is nothing that we can "pin down." We act irrationally and if we went to a psychologist and we lay on that couch for long, long hours, at last it may be dragged out of our sub - conscious that we had a fear because of some thing that happened when we were small babies. The fear would be hidden, hidden from our awareness, working at us, nagging at us from our sub - conscious, it would be like termites attacking a wooden framed building. The building to all cursory (flyktige) inspections would appear to be sound, flawless, and then, almost overnight, it would collapse under the influence of those termites. The same happen in the matter of fear. Fear does not have to be conscious to be active, it is most active when it is sub - conscious because then we do not know that it is there, and, not knowing that it is there, there is nothing we can do about it.

Throughout the lifetime of all of us we have been subjected to certain conditioning influences. A person who has been brought up as a Christian will have been taught that certain things are "not done," certain things are distinctly forbidden. Yet people of a different religion, brought up differently, are permitted to do such things. So in looking into the question of fear we have to examine what has been our racial and family background.

Are you afraid of seeing a ghost? Why? If Aunt Matilda was kindhearted and generous, and loved you dearly during her lifetime, there is no reason whatever to suppose that she is going to love you less when she has left this life and has gone on to a far better stage of existence. So why fear the ghost of Aunt Matilda? We fear the ghost because it is something alien to many of us, we fear a ghost because it may have been taught in our religion that there are no such things, and that one cannot see a ghost unless one is a saint or an associate of saints, or something. We fear that which we do not understand - and it is worth thought that if there were no passports, no language difficulties, there would be less wars because we are afraid of the Russians, or the Turks, or the Afghanis, or something else because we do not understand them, we do not know what "makes them tick,"or what they are going to do against us.

Fear is a terrible thing, it is a disease, it is a scourge (svøpe), it is a thing that corrodes our intellect. If we have certain reservations about a thing, then we must dig down and find out why. For instance, why do certain religions teach that there is no such thing as reincarnation? One obvious example is this; in the days of long ago the priests had utter power and they ruled people by terror, by the thought of eternal damnation. Everyone was taught that they had to make the best of this life because there would be no other opportunity. It was known that if people were taught of rein - carnation they might tend to slack in this life and pay for it in the next. In connection with this, it used to be perfectly permissible in the China of long ago to contract a debt in this life to be paid in the next! It is also worth remarking that China became decadent because the people believed so much in reincarnation that they did not bother much in this life, instead they just sat around taking their canaries out in cages under the trees at night, and deciding that they would make up for it in the next life, this one would be more or less of a vacation! Well it did not work that way, and so the whole Chinese culture became decadent.

Once again, examine yourself, your intellect, and your imagination. Give yourself "deep analysis" and find out what it is that your sub - conscious is trying to bottle up, what it is that is making you so afraid, so worried, so "jittery"(skvetten) about certain things. When you dig that out, you will find that there are no more fears. It is fear which stops people from doing astral travelling. Actually as we well know, astral travelling is remarkably simple, there is no effort to it, it is as simple as breathing and yet most people fear it. Sleep is almost death, sleep is a reminder of death, a reminder that eventually we shall go off into a deep sleep, and we wonder what will happen to us when death, instead of sleep, claims us. We wonder if during our sleep someone will sever our Silver Cord and we will be off. That cannot happen, there is no danger in astral travelling, there is only danger in fear, in fear that you know and more danger in fear that you do not know. We suggest again, and again, get down to this problem of fear. That which you know and understand is not fearsome, so get to know and understand what it is that you now fear.

(end of extract from lesson 16)

In the next lesson he talks abut dreams - fragments from experienses on the astral plane - and he also mention that many seems to forget to create - through concentration - clothes on astral body when in that body. And many have a lot of fun observing that.. He also recommend having a photo by the bed - of a person you will visit in the astral. He says THAT DREAMS ARE WINDOWS INTO ANOTHER WORLD.

IN lesson18 he recommend living the "middle way" - not setting up too high claims to oneself - but just working as hard as necessary to accomplish a specific task.

Last in lesson 18 he has rendered from a letter received from a clairvoyant lady in Yugoslavia and the last of it here:

"we of the west have much to learn from the Far East. We have to learn to conquer our imaginations and to overcome fear.

"As I see it, the aura of Western people flicker a lot, they are never quiet, seldom in harmony, and our disorderly aura infects other auras and becomes like an epidemic. Hitler would not have succeeded with his ranting speeches unless the aura of people became afflicted, and influenced by the aura of Hitler. Hitler could only succeed because his listeners could not control their own imagination.

"Are you tired? Will you read a little longer? Let us go to the poorest of men, to the lunatics, let us go to a mental home in Zagreb. Many days ago I made studies through the iron wire there looking at the auras. But they were not the worst cases: A friend of mine introduced me to the senior physician, a very sceptical man. I told him that I wished to observe the aura of his patients. He looked at me as being worthy of incarceration as a lunatic (fengslet som en galning), then at last he decided that he would let me see some of his patients. At last attendants brought in a very very sick woman indeed, she was a terrible looking woman, her eyes rolled and her teeth ground together, and hair stood out like devilish flames around her head. It really was a fearful sight. But it was nothing to what I saw in the invisible world. I saw the, soul of the woman right out of her body in a wild struggle with the dark shadow who tried to get possession of the body. All around was in a whirl, and in disharmony. Eventually (omsider) the woman was taken away, and I told the doctor that that woman could not be cured because she was indeed the victim of demoniac possession!"

So we will bring this particular Lesson to a close with the remarks that what this very talented lady of Yugoslavia has seen, you also can see with practice, with perseverance, and with faith. Remember - Rome was not built in a day, and a doctor or a lawyer is not made overnight, they have to study to succeed, and so have you; there is no easy, no painless way out!

And we continues on the…LESSON NINETEEN

The Akashic Records

We have from time to time mentioned the Akashic Record. Now let us discuss this most fascinating subject, for the Akashic Record is something, which concerns every person, and every creature who has ever lived. With the Akashic Record we can travel back along history, we can see all that has happened, not merely upon this world but upon other worlds also, for the scientist is now coming to realise what occultists have always known, that other worlds are occupied by other persons not necessarily human but sentient (sansende/følende) beings nonetheless.

Before we can say much about the Akashic Record we have to know something about the nature of energy or matter. Matter, we are told, is indestructible, it goes on for ever. Waves, electric waves are indestructible. Scientists have recently found that if a current is induced in a coil of copper wire, the temperature of which is reduced to as near absolute zero as possible, the induced current carries on and on and, on, and never grows less. We all know that at normal temperatures the current would soon diminish and die out because of various resistances. So science has found a new medium; science has found that if a copper conductor be reduced sufficiently in temperature a current continues to flow and remain the same without any outside source of energy. In time scientists will discover that Man has other senses, other abilities, but that will not be discovered yet for the scientist proceeds slowly and not always surely!

We said that waves are indestructible. Let us look at the behaviour of light waves. Light reaches us from far far distant planets in universes remote from our own. Great telescopes on this Earth are probing out into space, in other words, they are gathering light from vastly distant places. Some of the planets from which we receive light sent out that light long before this world, or even this universe, came into existence. Light is a very fast thing indeed, the speed of light is so fast that we can hardly imagine it -but that is because we are in human bodies and are greatly bogged down with all sorts of physical limitations. What we consider to be "fast" here has a different meaning in a different plane of existence. By way of illustration let us say that a round of existence for a human is seventy-two thousand years. During that round, a person comes again and again to different worlds, to different bodies. The seventy - two thousand years, then, is the length of our "school term."

When we refer to "light" instead of radio or electric waves or other waves, we do so merely because light can be observed without any equipment, a radio wave cannot. We can see the light of the sun, the light of the moon, and if we have a good telescope or a powerful pair of binoculars, we can see the light of the far distant stars - which started out before Earth was even a cloud of hydrogen molecules floating in space.

Light is also used as a measure of time or distance. Astronomers refer to "light years," and we are going to tell you again that light - coming from a far distant world - may still be travelling after that world has ceased to exist, from which it is clear that we may be getting a picture from something which is no longer there, something which died years ago. If you find that difficult to understand, look at it in this way; we have a star out in the remote fastnesses of space. For years, for centuries, that star has been reflecting light waves down to Earth. The light waves may take a thousand, ten thousand, or a million years to reach Earth, because a star, the, source of the light, is so very distant. One day the star is in collision with another star, there may be a great flash of light or there may be extinction. For our purpose let us say that there is total extinction. So the light is gone, but for a thousand, or ten thousand, or a million years after the light is gone, light still reaches us because it takes all that time to cover the distance between the original source of light and ourselves. Thus, we should be seeing light after its source ceases to exist.

Let us assume something which is utterly impossible while we are in the physical body, but which is quite easy and commonplace when out of the body. Let us assume that we can travel faster than thought. We need to travel faster than thought because thought has a very definite speed as any doctor can tell you. It is actually known how quickly a person reacts to any given situation, how quickly or how slowly a person can put on the brakes of a car, or move the wheel to swerve aside. It is known how quickly thought impulses travel from head to toe. We, for the purpose of this discussion, want to travel instantly. Let us imagine that we can go instantly to a planet, which is receiving light, which was emitted from the Earth three thousand years ago. So we upon this distant planet will be receiving light sent from the Earth three thousand years ago. Supposing we have a telescope of quite unimagined type -with which we can see the surface of the Earth, or interpret the rays of light reaching us, then this light sent out three thousand years ago would show us scenes of the world enacted (ble utspilt) at that time. We should see life as it was in ancient Egypt, we would see the barbarous Western world where people ran about covered in woad or less, and in China we should find quite a high civilization - so much different from what is there at the present time!

If we could instantly travel closer, we should see quite different pictures. Let us move to a planet which is so distant from the Earth that light takes a thousand years for it to travel between that planet and Earth. Then we should see scenes of Earth as they were enacted a thousand years ago, we should see a high civilization in India, we should see the spread of Christianity throughout the Western world, and perhaps some of the invasions of South America. The world would also look somewhat different from its present appearance because all the time a coast line is altering, land is rising from the sea, shores are being eroded. In a lifetime not much difference is noted, but a thousand years would give us a chance to see and appreciate the difference.

At present we are upon a world which has most remarkable limitations, we are able to perceive and to receive impressions on only a very limited range of frequencies. If we could see some of our "out of the body" abilities to the full as we can in the astral world, we should see things in a very different light, we should perceive that all matter is indeed indestructible, every experience that ever has been on the world is still radiating outward in the form of waves. With special abilities we could intercept (oppfange) those waves in much the same way as we can intercept waves of light. Take as a simple example of this - an ordinary slide projector; you switch on your slide projector in a darkened room and you put a slide in the appropriate place. If you put a screen - a white screen for preference - in front of the lens of the projector at a certain distance from it, and you focus the light on the screen, you see a picture. But if you have your projector projecting its picture out of the window and into the darkness beyond, you see just a faint beam of light with no picture. It follows that the light must be intercepted, must be reflecting on something before it can be fully perceived and appreciated. Take a searchlight on a clear and cloudless night; you might see a faint tracery of light, but only when the searchlight impinges (treffer) on a cloud or upon an aeroplane do you actually see it as it is.

It has long been the dream of Mankind to have a thing called "time travel." This, obviously, is a fantastic conception while one is in the flesh and upon the Earth, because here in the flesh we are sadly limited, our bodies are most imperfect instruments, and as we are here to learn, we have implanted in us much doubt, much indecision, and before we can be convinced, we want "proof" - - the ability to pull a thing to pieces to see how it works and to make sure it does not work again. When we get beyond the Earth and into the astral, or even beyond the astral, time travel is as simple as upon Earth is a visit to a cinema or a theatre.

The Akashic Record then, is a form of vibration, not necessarily light vibrations -because it also embraces sound. It is a form of vibration, which upon Earth has no term, which can describe it. The nearest one can do is to liken it to a radio wave. We have about us at all times radio waves coming in from all parts of the world; every one of them brings in a different programme, different languages, different music, and different times. It is possible that waves are coming in from one part of the world, which contains a programme which, to us, is being broadcast tomorrow! All these waves are coming to us constantly, but we are oblivious to them, and not until we have some mechanical device which we call a radio set - can we receive those waves and slow them down so that they become audible and comprehensible to us. Here, with a mechanical or electrical device, we slow down radio frequency waves and convert them to audio frequency waves. In much the same way, if on Earth, we could slow down the waves of the Akashic Record - we should undoubtedly be able to put authentic historical scenes on the television screen, and then the historians would throw a fit - when they saw that the history as printed in books is completely, completely wrong! (the same says cosmic contacts to spacepeople - who has since long ago overviewed this our earth. R.Ø.anm.)

The Akashic Record is the indestructible vibrations consisting of the sum total of human knowledge - which emanates from the world in much the same way as the radio programme is broadcast, it goes on and on. Everything that has happened on this Earth still exists in vibration form. When we get out of the body, we do not use a special device to understand these waves; we use nothing to slow them down, instead, in getting out of the body, our own "wave receptors" are speeded up so that, with practice, with training, we can receive that which we term the Akashic Record.

Let us get back to this problem of outstripping light. It will be easier if we forget about light for the moment, and deal instead with sound - because sound is slower and we do not have to have such vast distances before getting results. Supposing you are standing out in the open and you suddenly hear a very fast moving jet plane. You hear the sound but it is useless to look up to that point from whence the sound appears to be coming because the jet plane is going faster than the sound, and so will be ahead of the sound itself. In World War 2 great rockets were sent from enslaved Europe to cause destruction in England. The rockets crashed down on houses, wrecking them and killing people. The first warning that people had that these rockets were about was the noise of the explosion and the crashing of falling stones, and the screams of the injured. Later, when the dust was subsiding (la seg) somewhat, came the sound of the rocket arriving! This quite weird experience was caused by the fact that the rocket travelled so very much faster than the sound it made. Hence it was that the rocket did all its destruction before its sound arrived!

One can stand on a hilltop and look at a gun placed perhaps upon another hilltop. One cannot hear the shell from the gun when it is exactly over one, but the sound comes shortly after when the shell is still speeding off into the distance. No person has ever been killed by a shell, which he heard, for the shell arrives first and the sound later. That is why it is so amusing when people in wars used to duck at the sound of a shell passing overhead. Actually, if they could hear the sound, it meant that the shell had passed by. Sound is slow compared to sight or light. Standing again upon this hilltop we can look at a gun being fired, we can see the flash from the muzzle, and much later - the time depending upon the distance we are from the gun - we hear the sound of the shell passing overhead. You might have watched a man chopping (hogge) a tree; the man would be some distance away, you would actually see the axe hitting the tree trunk, and then a short time after you would hear the "thunk thunk" of the sound. This is an experience which most of us have had.

The Akashic Record contains the knowledge of everything that has happened on this world. Worlds elsewhere have their own Akashic Records in much the same way as countries outside our own have their own radio programmes. Those who know how can tune into the Akashic Record of any world, not merely of one's own, and one can then see events of history, one can see how the history books have been falsified. But there is more to the Akashic Record than just satisfying idle curiosity - one can look into this Record and see what went wrong with one's own plans. When we die to the Earth - we go to another plane of existence - where every single one of us has to face up to what we did, or what we did not do; we see the whole of our past life with the speed of thought, we see it through the Akashic Record, see it not just from the time that we were boru but from the time that we planned how and where we would be born. Then, having that knowledge, having seen our errors, we plan again and try once more just like a child at school seeing what went wrong with answers to the examination papers, and taking the examination all over again.

Naturally enough, it takes a long long training before one can see the Akashic Record, but with training, with practice and faith it can be done and is indeed being done constantly. Do you think, maybe, we should pause a moment and discuss this thing called "faith"?(tro - tillit - håp).

Faith is a definite thing, which can and must be cultivated in much the same way as a habit or a hothouse plant must be cultivated. Faith is not as hardy as a weed, it is indeed more like a hothouse plant. It must be pampered(forkjæles), must be fed, must be looked after. To obtain faith we must repeat, and repeat, and repeat our affirmation of faith so that the knowledge of it is driven into our sub - conscious. This sub - conscious is ninetenths (9/10) of us, that is, by far the greater part of us. We often liken it unto a lazy old man, who just does not want to be disturbed. The old man is reading his newspapers, perhaps he has his pipe in his mouth and his feet are encased in comfortable slippers. He is really tired of all the racket, all the noise, all the distraction constantly going on around him.

 Through years of experience he has learned to shield himself from all - except the most insistent interruptions and distractions. Like an old man who is partly deaf, he doesn't hear when he is called the first time. The second time he is called, he doesn't hear because he doesn't want to hear, because he thinks it might be work for him, or some interruption of his lazy leisure (fritid). The third time he starts to get irritable - because the caller is disturbing his trend of thoughts while he is perhaps more anxious to read the racing results than to do anything which requires effort. Keep on and on repeating your faith and then the "old man" will come to life with a jerk (rykk), and when the knowledge is implanted in your sub - conscious, then you will have automatic faith. We must make it clear here that faith is not belief; you can say "I believe that tomorrow is Monday," and that means a certain thing. You would not say "I have faith that tomorrow is Monday" because that would mean a completely different thing. 

Faith is something which usually grows up with us. We become a Christian, or a Buddhist, or a Jew because, usually, our parents were Christians, Buddhists, or Jews. We have faith in our parents - we believe that what our parents believed was correct - and so our "faith" became the same as our parents. Certain things which cannot definitely be proved while upon the Earth require faith, other things which can be proved - can be believed or disbelieved. There is a distinction (forskjell), and one should become aware of that distinction.

But, first of all, what do you want to believe, what is it that requires your faith? Decide what it is that needs faith, think of it from all angles. Is it faith in a religion, faith in an ability? Think of it from as many angles as you can, and then, making sure that you think of it in a positive way, afirm - state - to yourself that you can do this or that, or that you will do this or that, or that you firmly believe in this or that. You must keep on affirming it. Unless you do so affirm, you will never have "faith." Great religions have faithful followers. Those faithful followers are ones who have been to church, or chapel, or synagogue, or temple, and by repeated prayers, not merely on their own behalf but by others also, their sub - conscious has become aware that there are some things which must be "a faith." In the Far East there are such things as mantras. A person will say a certain thing - a mantra - and say it again and again, and repeat it time after time. Possibly the person will not even know what the mantra is about! That does not matter because the founders of the religion who composed the mantra will have arranged it in such a way that the vibrations engendered (skapte) - in repeating the mantra - knock into the subconscious, the thing desired. 

Soon, even though the person does not fully understand tile mantra, it becomes part of the person's subconscious, and the faith then is purely automatic. In much the same way, if you repeat prayers time after time you begin to believe them. It is all a matter of getting your sub - conscious to understand and to co - operate, and once you have faith then you do not have to bother ant more because your sub - conscious will always remind you that you have this faith, and that you can do those certain things.

Repeat to yourself time after time that you are going to see an aura, that you are going to be telepathic, that you are going to do this or that, whatever it is that you particularly want to do. Then in time you will do this. All successful men, all those who become millionaires or inventors are people who have faith in themselves - they have faith that they can do what they set out to do, because believing in themselves first, believing in their own powers and abillties, they then generated the faith which made that belief come true. 

If you keep on telling yourself that you are going to succeed, you will succeed, but you will only succeed if you keep on with your affirmation of success and not let doubt (the negative of faith) intrude; Try this affirmation of success, and the results will truly astonish you.

You may have heard of people who can tell another person what they were in a past life, what they were doing. That comes from the Akashic Record, for many people in their "sleep" travel into the astral and see the Akashic Record. When they return in the morning, as we have afready discussed, they may bring back a distorted memory, so while some of the things they say are true, others are distortions. You will find that most of the things you hear about relate to suffering. People seem to have been torturers, seem to have been all sorts of things mainly bad. That is because we come to this Earth as to a school, we have to remember at all times that people have to have hardship to purge them of their faults, in much the same way that ore (malm) is placed in a furnace (smelteovn) and subjected to intense heat so that the dross or wastage rises to surface, where it can be skimmed off and discarded. (avkastes). Humans have to undergo stresses, which drive them almost, but not quite, to the breaking point - so that their spirituality may be tested, and their faults may be eradicated (utryddes). People come to this Earth to learn things, and people learn much more qulckly and more permanently by hardship than by kindness.

This is a world of hardship, it is a training school which almost a reformatory, and although there are rare kindness which shine out like the beam of a beacon light on a dark - much of the world is strife. Look at the history of nations if you dispute this, look at all the incipient wars. It is indeed a world of impurity, and it makes it difficult for Higher Entities to come here as they must - in order to supervise what is going on.

It is a fact that a Higher Entity coming to this Earth must take up some impurity -which will act almost as an anchor, and keep them in contact with the Earth. The High Entity who comes here cannot come in his own pure, unsullied form, because he could not stand the sorrows and the trials of the Earth. So be careful when you think that such - and - such a person cannot be so high as some people say, because he is too fond of this or too fond of that. As long as he does not drink, then he might be quite high. Drink, though, cancels out all high abilities.

Many of the greatest clairvoyants and telepaths have some physical affliction (lidelse/sorg) - because suffering can often increase the rate of vibration and confer (gi) telepathy or clairvoyance upon the sufferer. You cannot know of a person's spirituality by just looking at him. Do not judge a person to be an evil person because he is sick; the sickness may have been taken on deliberately in order that the person can increase his or her rate of vibration for a special task. Do not judge a person harshly because he or she uses a swear word, or does not altogether act as you think that a Great Person should act. It may indeed be a Great Person who is using swear words or some other "vice" in order to have an anchor to enable him or her to remain upon the Earth. Again, provided that the person does not engage in drink, the person may quite definitely be the Higher Entity, which you originally thought him to be.

There is much impurity on Earth, and all that is impure decays (forfaller), the pure and the incorruptible lives on. That is one of the reasons why we come to Earth; in the spirit world beyond the astral, you cannot have corruption, you cannot have evil on the higher Planes, so people come to Earth to learn the hard way. And again, and again, a Great Entity coming to Earth will take a vice (uvane) or an affliction, knowing that as he or she came for a special task - that affliction or vice will not be held as karma (we shall deal with that later) but instead be regarded as a tool, as an anchor, which passes away as corruption along with the physical body.

There is a further point which we are going to make, and it is: great reformers in this life are sometimes those who in a previous life were great offenders (lovovertredere) in the line in which he or she "reforms." Hitler, undoubtedly will come back as a great reformer. Many of the people from the Spanish Inquisition have come back as great reformers. It is a thought worth thinking of.

Remember - the Middle Way is the way in which to live. Do not be so bad that you have to suffer for it later, and if you are so pure, so holy that everyone is beneath you, then you cannot stay on this Earth. Fortunately, however, no one is THAT pure!


And we goes on to LESSON TWENTY

Soon we hope to deal with telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychometry, but first of all you must permit us a digression - permit us to deal with another subject. We are quite aware that you are thinking by now that we wander off the subject, but that is deliberate; we know what we have in mind, and often it pays YOU for us to draw your attention to a subject and then go on to something else, which is so very nccessary by way of a foundation.

We will make it clear now that people who want to be clairvoyant, who want to be telepathic and to have psychometric abilities, will have to proceed slowly. You cannot force development beyond a certain limit. If you will consider the world of nature - you will find that exotic orchids are indeed hothouse plants, and if they have been forced in their development, then they are very fragile blooms indeed. The same applies to everything the growth of which has to be stimulated artificially, or which has its growth forced. "Hothouse plants" are not hardy, they are not reliable, they fall prey to all sorts of remarkable ailments (sykdommer). We want you to have a very healthy dose of telepathy, we want you tp be able to see into the past by clairvoyance, and we want you to be in such a position - that you can pick up a stone, for instance from the seashore - and tell what has happened to that stone throughout the years. 

It is possible, you know, for a really good psychometrist to pick up an article on the seashore, where it has not been touched by man, and to visualise quite clearly the time when that fragment of stone was perhaps embodied in a mountain. This is not exaggeration (overdrivelse), it is very ordinary, very easy - when one knows how! Let us, then, lay a good foundation, because one cannot build a house on shifting sands and expect the house to last for very long. In dealing with our "foundations" - let us state first that inner composure (fatning) and tranquility (ro) are two of the cornerstones of our foundation, for unless one has inner composure - one will not have much success at telepathy or clairvoyance. Inner composure is a very definite "must" if one is going to progress beyond the most elementary primary stages.

Humans are indeed a mass of conflicting emotions. One looks about and finds people hurrying about in the street, dashing about in cars, or rushing off to catch a bus. Then there is the last minute dash to the shops to lay in supplies possibly before the shops close for the weekend. We are always in a jangled state; we seethe (koker) and boil, and our brains send off sparks of rage and frustration. Often we will find ourselves growing hot, we will find that we are under tension, that we have queer pressures within us. At such times we feel that we could explode. Yes, you might almost do that! But it will not help one at all in the field of esoteric research if one has such uncontrolled brain waves that one blanks out the incoming signals - the signals are coming in all the time from everywhere from everyone, and if we will open our minds, we will pick up and comprehend those signals.

Have you ever tried to listen to radio during a thunderstorm? Have you ever tried to watch some television programme while some idiot was parked just outside your window and you were getting his car ignition as zig - zag flashes through the screen? Perhaps you have attempted listening to a far - distant station over the howl and crackle of static generated by an electric storm. It is not easy! Some of us are interested in short - wave reception and listen in to the whole world, listen to the news from different countries, listen to music from various continents. If you have done much in short - wave work, and have listened to far off places, you will know how very yery difficult it is at times to pickup speech because of all the interference caused by static, both man - made and natural. Car ignition noises, the clicking on and off of the thermostat in the refrigerator, or perhaps someone is playing about with the doorbell just when we want to listen. We get hotter and hotter "under the collar" as we try to concentrate and pick up the message from the radio. 

Until we can get clear of some of that "static" in our own mind we are going to have difficulty with telepathy, for the noise a human brain churns out is far worse than even that from the most battered old car. You may think this is exaggeration, but as your powers increase in this direction - you will find that we have rather under - stated the matter.

Let us develop this theme a little further because we must be quite sure of what we are doing before we do it, we must be quite sure of the obstacles in our path, because until we know the obstacles, we cannot overcome them. Let us consider it from a different angle; it is a fairly easy matter to telephone from one continent to another provided that there be a suitable cable laid beneath the ocean. The trans - Atlantic telephone line from, let us say, England to New York, or to Adelaide from England, is a case in point. Using these telephone lines under the water one still gets garbled patches of speech. 

At times, also there will be fading, but on the whole we can understand quite well what is being said. Unfortunately, much of the world is not connected by telephone cables! In certain areas, such as between Montreal and Buenos Aires, there are not telephone cables but abominable (gyselige) things called "radio links." These horrendous contraptions (innretninger) should never, never be dignified by the name "telephone" because using them appears to us to be a feat of endurance. Speech is frequently garbled beyond recognition, speech is chopped up, high frequencies are cut off and low frequencies are cut off, and so instead of getting a human tone of voice which we can comprehend, we get a flat monotone which could have been spewed out without inflection by some robot. 

One strains and strains to make out what is being said, but all the time there is a further grave disadvantage; one has to keep talking all the time (even if one has nothing to say!) in order to "keep the circuit open." Added to that there is the static, which we have already mentioned, but there are various refractions and reflections from the different ionised layers around the Earth. We mention this to show that even with the best equipment on Earth, speech by radio telephone is a matter of hit or miss, and in our experience it is more often miss than hit. We personally find telepathy to be far far easier than a radiotelephone!

You may wonder why we keep on writing about radio and electronics and electricity. The answer is because the brain and the body generate electricity. The brain and all the muscles send out pulsing electrons, which are in fact, the radio programme of the human body. Much of the behaviour of the human body, and much of the phenomena of clairvoyance, telepathy, psychometry, and all the rest of it can be so easily understood by reference to the science of radio and electronics. We are trying to make this easy for you, so we are going to ask you to very carefully consider all this matter about electronics and about radio; it DOES mean much to you if you study electronics. The more you study radio and electronics, the more easily will you progress in your development.

Delicate instruments need to be protected from shock. You would not expect to have an expensive television receiver and bang it about, you would not expect to have an expensive watch and keep banging it against the wall. We have the most expensive receivers of all - our brain -and if we are going to use that "receiver" to the best effect we must protect it from shock. If we are going to let ourselves become agitated or frustrated, then we are going to generate a type of wave within us which will inhibit reception (hemme mottagelsesbølger) of waves without. In telepathy we have to keep as calm as possible otherwise we are going to be wasting our time in making any attempt whatever at receiving the thoughts of others. The first time we shall not get much result in telepathy. So let us concentrate on composure.(bevare fatningen).

Whenever we think, we generate electricity. If we think calmly and without any strong emotion, then our brain electricity will follow a fairly smooth frequency without high peaks, and without low valleys. If we have a high peak it means that something is interrupting the even tenor of our thoughts. We must be sure that there are no excessive voltages generated, and nothing which could cause "alarm and despondency" must be permitted within our thinking processes.

We must at all times cultivate inner composure, cultivate a tranquil manner. No doubt it is annoying (irriterende) if one is hinging out the washing and the telephone rings when one just has one's hands full of wet soggy clothes. No doubt it is frightfully irritating when one misses the special bargain (kjøp) for the week at the local store, but all these things are very mundane, they do not help us at all when we leave this world. When we do terminate our stay upon Earth, it will not matter greatly if at all, whether we have dealt with the great super - markets or with the little man in the corner store. Let us repeat again (in case you haven't read it before!) that we cannot take a single penny away with us to the next life, but we can and do take away all the knowledge that we have gained, for the distilled essence of all that we learn upon Earth is that which makes us what we are going to be in the next life. Therefore let us concentrate on knowledge, on the things which we can take away. At present the world has gone money - mad, possession - mad (oh - so much worse today - soon two generations later. R.Ø.rem.) 

Countries such as Canada and the United States of America are living under a false standard of prosperity, everyone seems to be in debt, everyone is borrowing from the finance companies (alias of the old fashioned money lender, now done up with chromium plate!). People want new cars, each one flashier than the one of the year before. People dash about, they have no time for the serious things of life, they are chasing the things that do not matter. The only things that matter are the things we learn; we take away with us all the knowledge that we acquire during our stay on Earth, we leave behind us - if we have any - money and possessions for someone else to squander. Wherefore it behoves us to concentrate on the things, which will be truly ours - knowledge.

One of the easiest ways of acquiring tranquillity is by breathing in a regular pattern. Most people, unfortunately, breathe in a manner, which could be termed "suck - blow, suck - blow," they pant along really starving the brain of oxygen. People seem to think that air is rationed, they have to gulp it in and puff it out. They seem to think the air they take in is hot, or something, for no sooner is it in than they are anxious to get rid of it and get the next load.

We should learn to breathe slowly and deeply. We should make sure that all the stale air is removed from our lungs. If we breathe with only the top of our lungs, that air which is at the bottom becomes staler and staler. The better our air supply is, the better our brainpower will be, for we cannot live without oxygen and the brain is the first thing to be starved of oxygen. If our brain is deprived of the minimum amount of oxygen we feel tired - sleepy - we become slow in our motion, and we find it difficult to think. Sometimes, too, we find that we get a bad headache, then we go out into the fresh air, which cures the headache, and also proves that one does need plenty of oxygen.

A regular breathing pattern soothes (døyver) ruffled emotions. If you are feeling thoroughly bad tempered - "out of sorts" - and really would like to do violence to someone, take a deep breath instead, the deepest breath you can manage, and hold it for a few seconds. Then let it out slowly over a few seconds. Do that a few times, and you will find that you calm down more quickly than you thought possible. 

Do not just suck in breath as fast as you can, and then blow it out as fast as you can. Draw in the breath slowly, steadily, and ¼ think~s is truly the case - that you are inhaling life and vitality itself. Let us give an illustration; compress your chest, and try to expel as much air as you possibly can, force your lungs in so that - if you wish - your tongue is hanging out from the lack of air. Then, over some ten seconds of time, completely fill your lungs, throw out your chest take in as much air as you can, and then cram in a little more. When you have got in as much air as you possibly can, hold it for five seconds, and after that five seconds slowly let out the air, so slowly that you take seven seconds to get rid of the air within you. Exhale completely, force your muscles inwards to squeeze out as much air as you can. Then start all over again. It might be a good idea if you do this half a dozen times, - and you will find that your frustrations and your bad, bad mood has gone, you will feel better inside too; you will find that you are beginning to get inner composure.

If you are going for an interview which really matters, before you actually go into the interview room, take some deep breaths. You will find that your racing pulse will race no more, it will steady down, you will find that you are more confident (sikker), have less to worry about, and if you do this your interviewer will be impressed with your obvious appearance of confidence Try it!

- There are a shocking number of frustrations and irritations in everyday life, and these things are very harmful indeed. "Civilization" is quite the opposite of that. The more one gets tied up with the trammels of civilization, the more difficult it is to get peace. The man or woman in the heart of a great city is often more irritable, more nervous, than the man or woman in the heart of the countryside. So it becomes more and more necessary to gain some control over one's emotions. People who are frustrated and irritable find that their gastric juices become more and more concentrated. These juices are, of course, acids, and as they become more and more concentrated they "boil up" within us, and eventually reach such a degree of concentration that the inner protective lining (belegg) of our stomach or other organs cannot resist the attacks of the strong acid. 

Possibly some part of our inner lining is thinner than the rest. Possibly we have some small blemish in side, some hard piece of food which we have swallowed may have caused slight irritation in the stomach. Then the acid has a place at which it can work. It works and works on that thinner place, or irritated spot, and in time it penetrates the protective layer within us. The result is a gastric ulcer which leads us to considerable despondency and pain. As you have probably heard, gastric ulcers are known as the complaint of the irritable and nervous! Let us think about all these irritations; you may be wondering where to get the money to pay the gas bill, or why the electric meter man is fussing around your door when you are busy with something else. You may wonder why do so many silly people send you stupid circulars through the mail? Why should you throw them away? Whynot let the sender destroy them first and save You the trouble?

Well - take it easy - think to yourself, ask yourself this question: - "Will all this matter in fifty or a hundred years' time?" Whenever you get frustrated, whenever you get aimost overcome with the press of ordinary, everyday living, whenever you think that you are going to be submerged in your troubles and your difficulties, think about it again, think - "Will any of these matters, any of these worries, be important in fifty or a hundred years' time?" This age of civilisation, so - called, is a very trying age indeed. Everything conspires to make us build up unnatural brain waves, conspires to make strange voltages generate within our brain cells. Normally when one thinks -there is a fairly rhythmical pattern of brain waves which doctors can chart with special instruments. 

If the brain waves follow a certain pattern, then we are stated to have some mental affliction, so that when a person has a mental sickness probably the first thing that is done is to chart the brain waves to see how they diverge from the normal. It is a fact known to Easterners that if a person can subdue (undertrykke) the abnormal brain waves, then sanity (mentale helse) returns. in the Far East there are various methods used by medical priests whereby the distressed person - the person who has a mental affliction - can be assisted in restoring his brain waves to normalcy.

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